About Innovatus: Who we are

Innovatus Health is a group of healthcare providers working together to improve health outcomes and patient experience while reducing cost.  We do this by evaluating the health risks of our members and wrapping the right level of care around them to support their health through a network of high-quality providers who follow best practice clinical guidelines. The Innovatus care model benefits our patients because it helps providers communicate with each other and the patient which results in better health outcomes.   Our providers embrace the Innovatus Health care model because of the technology it utilizes - supported by care management, which promotes collaborative decision making to drive quality. This care design provides value to employers seeking to offer high-quality coverage to their most valued assets, their employees, while reducing the cost of care.

Innovatus Health’s overarching goals and objectives are alignment of healthcare resources to focus on:

  • Highest quality care to the patient population we serve, stratified for those with the most needs.
  • Appropriate cost for small to large-sized employers in the region.
  • Increase value to payers, patients and brokers.
  • Moving our Physician and overall network to a balance of volume and value-based reimbursement.

Mission Statement

To align the physician community in Southwest Florida to achieve the highest quality of care through compassion and innovation while continuously improving the overall health of our communities.


Innovatus Health will create a platform to promote teamwork, trust, and unite the healthcare community with an emphasis on leveraging technology to focus our delivery of care on patients in most need. We do this through best in class risk stratification tools, a care management program that focuses on the patient, and the highest quality physician network in the region.

Core Values:

  • COMPASSION: To treat patients, families and each other with respect.
  • TEAMWORK: To coordinate care amongst patients, care managers and physicians to ensure seamless communication and highly coordinated quality care.
  • TRUST: Always demonstrate honesty and integrity among our physicians and their patients through transparent and clear communication.

Innovatus Health Partner Networks

  • Vivida Health Medicaid program
  • Best Care Collaborative Next Generation Accountable Care Organization

For Compliance Concerns

Anonymous reporting available

You can report your concerns by calling our Compliance Hotline: 844-796-1283, or at https://innovatus.ethicspoint.com

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